Complimentary Colors

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! In my Instagram caption from last night I mention how I thought the color orange wouldn’t look good on me. I think I was wrong though and I might be buying more orange in the future, as it is a fall color. I’ve also generally thought the same thing about yellow, but as it seems like it might be a big fall color this year I think I’ll try it out. I’ve always thought of myself as a color person when it comes to clothes, but I mainly wear the cool tones. This dress is making me want to add more warm tone pieces to my closet.


Recreate This Look

Dress: Marshall’s-in store only (cute alternative here)

Shoes: Charlotte Russe-old (cute alternative here)

Watch: JORD

Purse: Belk-old (cute option here)

I saw this dress in the store a few days ago and I was immediately drawn to it. Since the cold shoulder trend came out a few years ago I’ve always disliked it until this dress. I really like the cold shoulder design because I don’t think this dress would look as good if it were a tank or had full sleeves. I love the tassel detail and how it almost blends into the dress. The neckline has very delicate blue embroidery around it that adds a fun touch. I think this outfit would be great to wear for a lunch or dinner outing or even running errands if you swap out the booties for sandals.



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