College Advice

College Advice: Motivating Yourself


Welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for sophomores! Today’s post is about motivating yourself to get your work done and on time. In college procrastination is king for most people, some people won’t even do assignments if they think they can get a good grade in the class with just test scores. So today I have 4 tips for how to stop procrastinating and get your work done. These aren’t going to work for everyone they’re just suggestions on how to get your work done.


One of my favorite things to do especially on weekends is to create a to=do list on the reminders app on my phone. I always feel accomplished when I check the first thing off my list. It’s even better watching the number of to-dos go down or seeing what I’ve done compared to what I need to do. Keeping a list also ensures you won’t forget something you need to do, and that you’ll have all of your tasks in one place.


If you’re feeling like you’re in a funk and tired of the same things then try something new. Whether that be a new place on campus to study or a new dish at the dining hall. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try a restaurant off campus go there, invite your friends along with you or ask them if they have any suggestions.


Ok so maybe your lack of motivation isn’t coming from complacency in your routine. Maybe you’re unmotivated because nothing feels familiar or comfortable anymore. I suggest to go do something you enjoy doing maybe that’s reading a book, watching Netflix, or eating cookies. Sometimes in college you do need a break in order to motivate yourself and what better way to do that then something that makes you happy.

  1. RELAX

A reason you could be feeling unmotivated is that you’re stressing yourself out. In college activities, tests, and papers all seem to happen within the same two-week time span in October, December, March, and May. You could be procrastinating simply because you know you have so much to do in so little time. I suggest you pick a day to just relax maybe tackle your easiest assignment on this day or just have a completely chill day.

I hope this will help you when you start your second year in the fall. Another college advice post will be up next Tuesday! If you missed last week’s post on organization you can find it here. If you liked this post leave a comment down below!



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