College Advice

College Advice: Organization


Welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshman! Today’s post focuses on organization, which is something every college student needs. Today I have a few tips for how to stay organized both in the dorm and your academic life. Again quick disclaimer these are not hard and fast rules you need to follow, just suggestions based on my last two years of college. With that being said I have 4 tips for how to get organized your freshman year.


This is my number one tip for a reason you may think you can remember everything and have no need to write things down. That mentality is what will probably lead you to missing an even or a deadline. I suggest as soon as you learn of an event you write it down somewhere whether in a planner or your phone. You don’t want to be that person who shows up to class and has no idea what the professor is talking about when they tell you to turn in a paper.


Sometimes you don’t have time to immediately write something down. I suggest making a mental note so you can remember to come back later and write it down. If it’s something simple like meet a friend for lunch a mental note should suffice on keeping you organized. Also if it’s a reoccurring even like a club meeting every other Monday night just keeping that in the back of your mind will keep you from overbooking yourself.


My favorite way to keep my class assignments organized is by color coordinating them. I pick one color for each subject and write all of my assignments down in my planner using it. This helps me know exactly what class I’m looking at when I open my planner. I also pick a notebook for each class in a solitary color, so I know what each subject is without flipping through my notes. I also like to pick a folder and put my handouts from two class that are back-to-back in it so I know where everything is.


In my dorm I had a specific drawer for all of my things. In my desk the top drawer were empty notebooks, scissors, paper clips, staplers and more school related supplies. The middle drawer is where I kept random mementos of the year like tickets and programs. The bottom drawer is where I kept dry foods; obviously not everyone needs to use this system. However, if you want to be organized you need a system of some sort even if you like to put your jeans with your textbooks, whatever system you choose needs to work for you.

I hope this will help you when you start your first year in the fall. In case you missed last week’s post on friends vs. acquaintances you can find it here. Also if you know anyone in the future class of 2021 who needs some advice on college share this post with them. Another college advice post will be up next Tuesday! If you liked this post leave a comment down below!



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