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College Advice: Campus Involvement


Welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshman! Happy Fourth of July to everyone I hope you have good food and get to see some awesome fireworks shows. Today’s post topic is on campus involvement I made a post on this last year, which you can find here. Campus involvement is generally a large part of your college years, and can take on many forms. So today I have 4 tips for how to get involved your freshman year.


UNC actually has a lot of clubs, I would have been interested in my freshman year had I known they existed. UNC has a Student Life website with all the organizations on it, I’m sure other schools do too. I also suggest looking at your major’s clubs on their website too. If you find a club also check out their social media, because chances are they’re posting about their first meeting date and time on there.


One of the places I saw the most information and flyers for clubs was in the library bathrooms. In fact a lot of bathrooms on campus had flyers plastered to the walls. The flyers were also all in different parts of campus buildings too. At UNC we have the Pit, which is essentially a gathering place and a main hub of campus. Throughout the year clubs will advertise in and around the Pit. I assume other schools have something similar where you can go to a table to see and learn more about a club.


Or your acquaintances, your RA, even maybe your orientation leader if you liked them, about how to get involved. No, I’m not saying join everything your friend is joining but do ask and if it seems interesting go with them. Maybe they’ve heard of an event that they’re not going to but it interests you, you never would have known unless you asked. Asking around is helpful especially if the organization isn’t very active online and you missed the in-person information.


If there’s a specific club or organization you want to join and it doesn’t exist than make it. That’s how all the other clubs first go started too, gather up your friends, or interested hallmates/classmates to start your club. Make sure to abide by your schools rules to make sure you could last for years after you’ve graduate then you can say you left a mark on your campus.

I hope this will help you when you start your first year in the fall. In case you missed last week’s post on overcoming the sophomore slump you can find it here. Also if you know anyone in the future class of 2021 who needs some advice on college share this post with them. Another college advice post will be up next Tuesday! If you liked this post leave a comment down below!



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