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College Advice: You Time


Welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for sophomores! Today’s post is all about You Time in your sophomore year of college. I wrote a post on this topic for freshman last year you can find it here. While You Time is essentially the same no matter your life stage, it can be slightly different, your sophomore year. Also, fun fact two years ago on today’s date I graduated from high school. Now onto the post I have 4 pieces of advice for You Time sophomore year. Keep in mind these are just my own thoughts and they won’t hold true for everyone.


At least for me freshman year I didn’t bother going into new buildings so I wouldn’t look like the lost freshman. However this past year I would sit on the rock walls in the quad during the 15 minutes between my classes, on the benches outside the porch of my department building. Sometimes I’d even stop in the football stadium on my way home, there were maybe 5 or less people there at all time so you could really feel alone. During your second year you’ll be more confident and inclined to find new and interesting places on your campus.


Often times I’d take the path to and from classes that less people took, which often had the most sights to see. Even though there are people on these paths they’re usually less because it’s not as direct of a walkway. Whenever I went down those paths I always felt like I could relax and just think about the day. Taking the scenic route also allows you to see new and different parts of campus along with switching up your routine. You’ll never know what cool new place you can find it you take the normal path.


I discovered the beauty of eating alone in public my freshman year when everyone was busy when I wanted to eat lunch. Last year I went to Panera Bread sometimes if my two-hour class was canceled to eat lunch and do homework. I would also sit in the main dining hall watching Netflix or doing homework during lunch. While you’re still out in public when you’re doing these things, on a college campus most everyone is worried about themselves so it can feel like you’re in your own bubble. Having you time in public can get you out of your room and give you social interaction especially if it’s on a weekend. Surprisingly also the bus is a great place to have you time in public because again no one is really concerned about what you’re doing.


Even if you’re a super introvert everyone needs some human interaction. Sophomore year the campus is much more familiar to you, and you can constantly think “oh been there done that, don’t want to go again”. While that’s fine for things you truly don’t want to do, if you’re at all hesitating whether to go and it’s nothing bad than go. If you’ve said no to the last few invites say yes to the next one. College is the last stage in life where it’s very easy to be involved in social events; it gets harder as we age.

I hope this will help you when you start your second year in the fall. Another college advice post will be up next Tuesday! If you missed last week’s post on class size and if it matters you can find it here. If you liked this post leave a comment down below!



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