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May Favorites

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! Today is the first day of June, which means it’s time for another monthly favorites post. Being away from Chapel Hill for about a month now, makes me realize how unique a college town is. The major points are that almost everyone at UNC uses buses; I sometimes don’t even remember my town has them. I also walk almost everywhere in Chapel Hill and there are sidewalks which my hometown also doesn’t have a lot of. The last unique factor is that 75% of the people I see on a daily basis there are in my age bracket. I just thought I’d share those interesting bits about Chapel Hill, and now on to the favorites.

The Outfit

My favorite outfit of May is this one. If you missed that blog post its where I talk about how confident I feel in this outfit, and how confidence can make a look even better. I also changed my profile pictures because that’s how much I like this.



My favorite Instagram of May is this one. I like it mainly because of the outfit I’m wearing. This look reminds me of a lazy day in a beach town or a day spent stylishly and comfortable running errands.


Blog Post

Sunday Brunch is my favorite blog post from May. In it I talk about how nice it is to actually go shopping in store and try things on. I also really love the colors and fit of this dress.



My favorite event of May I guess in a way was leaving Chapel Hill after ending my sophomore year. Right before I left my dorm for the last time, I took a final. The final was twenty questions long and was my professor’s parting gift to us students because he was leaving Chapel Hill (not retiring, just family business) after many years there.

Product & Music

These shoes are my favorite fashion product they’re easy to slip on and really comfortable. Ignore the tiny hole it doesn’t go down to the sole, I accidentally dropped my mirror on it. My favorite music of May was “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars, “Congratulations” by Post Malone, and “Selfish” by Future. If you liked what you read you can follow along using the button on the sidebar to receive new post straight to your inbox.




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