Neutral Stripes for Summer

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! So last week I decided to do some leg exercises, I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Boy was I wrong my legs were sore until Thursday and it hurt to bend my legs. However, on Wednesday I remembered something I’d forgotten after my middle school years playing sports, which was stretching. So after stretching on Wednesday night I could definitely tell a difference in my legs on Thursday. And when I did more leg exercises Friday my legs didn’t hurt at all. For reference in case you’re curious I did 60 squats and 15 lunges Monday and on Friday 75 squats and 30 lunges.


Recreate This Look

Top: Forever21

Shorts: H&M-sold out (same style in all black here)

Shoes: Forever21

Watch: JORD

Today’s outfit is one that makes me really happy to wear. This outfit is definitely going to be one of my go-to outfits for summer. I think everyone should have outfits in their closet that make them happy when they put them on, because then their confidence level boosts. When you’re happy and confident in an outfit you’ll look and feel 10x better than you normally do. What first drew me to these shorts was the ruffle detail along the waistline. I also liked the simplicity of the black and white because I can pair it with so many tops. Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear during the warmer months, and I really love the look of gold and lighter colored accessories with this look. This outfit is great for lunch dates, running errands, or even just lounging in the house. If you liked what you read you can follow along using the button on the sidebar to receive new posts straight to your inbox.




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