Finals and Florals

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! You probably noticed that I didn’t post last Wednesday, and that’s mainly because I didn’t want to. I think when you force yourself to do something you don’t want to do then the quality of the work is worse than normal. Last week was the beginning of finals I only had one last week so I was mainly just catching up on rest I hadn’t had during the school year. My finals schedule was back loaded meaning I have three exams today and tomorrow and then I can go home. On Friday I went to watch my older brother graduate from college, however they cancelled the graduation due to weather. The worst part of that is right after they cancelled it, it stopped raining and the clouds began to break up, but that’s how life goes sometimes.


Recreate This Look

Top: J.Crew

Shorts: Old Navy-out of stock (similar style in navy and black)

Shoes: Converse

Today’s outfit is perfect for the approaching summer season. I think the bright vibrant patterns of the floral definitely fit the carefree vibes that summer brings to everyone. So of course I couldn’t pass up these shorts they feature my two favorite things to wear in clothes: florals and bright colors. I like to wear either a statement top or statement shorts and then keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple, to draw people’s eyes to the statement. I paired this navy t-shirt that is a year-round staple with these shorts but I think a black or any of the colors in the shorts would look just as good as well. To keep this outfit more casual I paired it with my white Converse, but a pair of sandals could dress it up a little bit more. If you liked what you read you can follow along using the button on the sidebar and receive new posts straight to your inbox.



2 thoughts on “Finals and Florals

  1. Love the floral prints. Perfect for summer. And yeah girl the weather where I’m at is unpredictable!!! Good luck with finals


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