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The Year-Round Top

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! I’ve realized that a lot of my opening paragraphs talk about the weather. Well, I’m here to tell you that today is no different. Fingers crossed after three days of nonstop rain I might actually be able to see the sun again today. The temperature is also supposed to warm up significantly compared to these past upper 50-degree days. Which, like my Instagram post yesterday said, means it’s time to bring back out your white jeans.


Recreate This Look

Top: Forever21-old (cute alternative here)

Pants: J.Crew Factory

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger at Belk-old (cute alternative here)

Watch: Michael Kors-old (similar style here)

I like the look of white jeans I think the crisp bright color can make any look instantly spring appropriate. This darker orange is definitely more of an early fall color, but when paired with the jeans can work for spring. I like the light brown color of my wedges because it keeps with the theme of spring colored outfit pieces. A lot of the time when I get dressed in the morning I forget to accessorize, but one thing I always try and put on is a watch. Fun fact the battery in this watch has been dead since November I just keep forgetting to get it replaced when I go home. Replacing the battery is on the top of my to-do list for summer. If you like what you read you can follow along using the button on the sidebar to receive new posts straight to your inbox.



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