The Pineapple Statement

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! It’s finally starting to feel like spring out, it reached the mid-80’s yesterday afternoon. One of the easiest ways to tell warm weather is back at UNC is by walking through the quad. There will always be tons of people on the quad in nice weather, especially a lot of those who “hibernated” throughout the cooler months. Spring is my second favorite season after fall, but one of my favorite things about spring are the bright colors and adorable patterns in clothing.


Recreate This Look

Top: J.Crew

Shorts: Old Navy

Shoes: Target

Bracelets: Forever21

Watch: Michael Kors-old (similar style here)

These pineapple shorts are really cute and I think they make a fun statement piece. I love to wear clothing that has fruits on it but especially pineapples; I think they’re a perfect spring/summer pattern. When I wear patterned or statement bottoms, I like to wear a plain top to keep the attention on the bottom. My navy blue shirt is a nice compliment to the bright yellow and green in my shorts. I paired this with my favorite lace-up sandals from last summer, but I think it could look just as cool with a pair of Converse or Vans. I wore my bracelets and watch to give the look a cute accent in rose gold my favorite jewelry color. If you liked what you read you can follow along (using the button on the sidebar) and get new post straight to your inbox.



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