Sophomore Musings

Sophomore Musings #4

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! So I’ve wanted to write this post for a month now, but I never really had time to sit down and write it. Also, I’m sorry that this series doesn’t have as many posts and isn’t as consistent as I hoped it would be. Before I get into the post, I just wanted to know if you had any questions about college or suggestions for college advice posts for me to do this summer.

A little over a month ago Chapel Hill had a “water crisis” I put it in quotes because it lasted for a little over 24 hours and in the grand scheme of things wasn’t that bad. So essentially a pipe had burst and there was too much fluoride in the water so Orange County told all residents to stop using water. UNC cancelled classes at around 1 or so and quickly after the entire university shut down. I was working when this happened and it was bursts of people one group after another buying all the water we had. Some people bought cases of water, and since my store doesn’t sell cases I had to total the case by how many bottles there were and it was around $40 something, for a 24 pack of water.

Of course because UNC shut down and it was the weekend, I could’ve gone home since I didn’t have to work anymore. However, UNC had bought a bunch of port-a-pottys and I had bottled water and Sprite (I only needed the water to brush my teeth), I didn’t think it was a big deal and neither did my parents. Only one other girl stayed in my suite and everyone else went home or to friend’s houses. My main reason for staying was I honestly wanted to see what it would be like without water. Again it wasn’t nearly that terrible, because there were port-a-pottys a few yards from my dorm and I had bottled water in my fridge inches from my bed.

The whole situation put into perspective how many people in the world who live without clean, running water live daily. Also mind you the water was still running we were just highly discouraged to not use it due to low tank levels and excess chemicals. It really gave me a perspective for people who have to go outside to use the restroom, and even then sometimes don’t have nearly as nice of an outdoor bathroom, or they don’t have the ability or access to spend $40+ on a case of water, or even that their situation is a lot more permanent than mine was. So I’m glad I made the decision to stay, because I’m better able now in my opinion to empathize with people who have a lack of clean water.



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