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February Favorites

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! Today is March 1st, which means in exactly 24 days I will be 20 and starting a new decade of my life. I know for those past 20 this will seem silly but turning 20 seems scary because I feel like I’ll finally be a real adult, even though technically I have been for the past two years. Also Carolina gets a rematch with Duke on Saturday, and I hope it goes our way because it’ll be senior night. Now, I’ll get on with my February favorites.

The Outfit

My favorite outfit from February is from The Better Blue post. I really love the color and comfort of the sweater, and I’ve worn the dress multiple times last month.



My favorite Instagram post from February is this one. I feel like even though it’s only the bottom half of my body, it really shows my personality because I sit like that often.


Blog Post

My favorite blog post from February is Cake Batter Cookies, because as I mentioned in my post they’re my favorite kind of cookies.



My most memorable event of February was the very very short-lived water crisis in Chapel Hill. We were without clean water for less than 48 hours, and UNC bought port-a-pottys for the campus. The event just helped put into perspective the daily life struggle for people who don’t have clean running water.

Product & Music

My favorite February fashion product is probably my white Converse. With the unseasonably warm weather I found myself reaching for them often because I felt like they fit the weather. They’re also super comfortable to wear and go with everything. My favorite music of the month is “Now or Later” by Sage the Gemini “All Night” by Chance the Rapper, and “Déjà Vu” by J.Cole.


If you like what you read or have suggestions for what to include on future favorites post let me know in a comment!



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