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January Favorites

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! It’s the start of the 2nd month of 2017, which means it’s time for my 1st monthly favorites of this year. This series will have just a slightly different look than it did last year. I’ll be adding my favorite event/day/moment of the month, along with my favorite fashion product of the month. So, with that being said here are my favorites from the month of January.


My favorite outfit from January is this one from Burgundy Overalls. I love this outfit because overalls is one of the 90s trends I’m glad is back in style. Also, burgundy is my favorite winter color, and we can’t forget about these booties my most worn pair since the fall.



My favorite Instagram picture is this one. I like it because it’s angled and gives the stereotypical fashion post a little edge to it. I also like how the red sweater helps me stand out from the green and gray background.


Blog Post

Jumbo M&M cookies is my favorite post of January. I’ve always liked baking cookies and brownies since my mom first taught me how to. I’d never made cookies from scratch until my junior year of high school when I found this Instagram account. You can be on the lookout for more baking posts in the coming month.



My favorite event of January has been going to Pilates class at our campus rec once a week. I don’t do a great job of working out when I’m by myself, so I decided to try a structured 60-minute class. The class is great and I can feel the burn in my abs two days later which means I did something right.

Product & Music

My favorite fashion product of January are my Nike Roshes. I love how comfortable and cute they are, the black and white color makes them a perfect match for any outfit. Also my favorite music of January is J.Cole “False Prophets”, Travis Scott “Goosebumps”, and The Weeknd “Party Monster”.


Thank you for reading this post about my monthly favorites, if you have an suggestions for future favorites posts let me know in a comment!



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