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Nike Collection

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! I watched a video on YouTube a year or so ago, where a girl had made a very artsy video about her bootie collection. I loved this video and the whole concept behind it, so last year I made my own collections blog posts featuring my Vans and boots. I really liked these posts because I think it’s fun to see the different types of shoes in this case, that people have. Today I bring to you my Nike collection, because I’ve recently started liking tennis shoes as much as I like my sneakers like Vans and Converse.


The oldest pair of Nikes I have I have in my collection are these purple Air Maxs that my dad bought me my freshman year of high school. I wore these shoes all the time back then especially with a t-shirt and Nike running shorts. The next pair of shoes with an interesting backstory is the blue and green pair, which was the first pair of Nikes I’d ever bought with money I made myself. I like the two pink pairs; however, one I wear if I’m doing something where I don’t want my nicer shoes to be messed up, and the other I just don’t wear as much. My gray and purple Nikes I got on my 18th birthday, and I wear them when I very occasionally go to the gym or for some similar purpose. My favorite and last pair is these black Roshes that I’ve wanted since my junior year of high school. They’re super comfortable and go with everything so I often find myself wearing them to work. If you too have a favorite pair of Nikes or shoes in general let my know in a comment below!



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