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North Carolina Blue

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! It’s strange to think this is the start of my second full week of school, it feels like it’s been a lot longer but at the same time very short. Surprisingly today’s outfit isn’t one I’ve been wearing frequently, like I was towards the end of the semester. With the temps on the warmer end for winter I’ve been dressing up more than I would if it was in the 40s. Today’s outfit is another Outfit Remix featuring this shirt that was first seen on the blog here last winter.


Recreate This Look

Shirt: Lauren James

Pants: Forever21

Shoes: Vans

Early last fall I discovered a new love for sweatpants, mainly in the joggers style. For me because joggers gather at the ankle they seem like a more fashionable way to wear sweatpants. Then again they still are sweatpants, and can only be but so fashionable. I wear this t-shirt at least once a week in the fall/winter; it’s perfectly soft and loose two things I love in a t-shirt. The gray color also makes it easy to pair with any color sneakers or tennis shoes. Since the shirt is a NC shirt my favorite way to style it is with Carolina blue Vans. I really love the mono colored hue of this pair of Vans having everything one solid color makes them even more visually appealing to me. If you liked what you read and want to see more you should follow along by e-mail and receive new posts straight to your inbox!



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