Sophomore Musings

Sophomore Musings #3

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I wrote this post in 2016 and not 2017 but I think that’s forgivable. I’m really excited to put more effort into the college part of my byline this next year. With 2 ½ years left of college time is running out. That being said today’s post is about my random thoughts on off-campus living, which I won’t truly experience until next year. However these are my current thoughts on college apartment living.

Probably the number one thing I’m excited for is more space. I really don’t mind sharing a room that’s not a big deal, however next year being able to leave my room and walk into a living room is going to be great.

I’m also excited to have my car with me while at school. Not having a car has been alright this past year and half, but sometimes I want to go places without having to either pay someone to take me or hope my friends want to got to the same place I want to go to.

Having my own bathroom next year is going to be a huge plus. Freshman year I lived suite-style with three other girls, it was very hard to get people to do their share of cleaning and buying toilet paper. This year I live in an 8-person suite however one week the cleaning staff, who are supposed to come every weekday didn’t come until Friday, and our bathroom was pretty gross. For the first two months they also never gave us enough toilet paper to last the whole weekend and we’d run out on Saturday. Next year none of this will happen, because the bathroom will be all my own.

I’m excited to be able to buy new bedding and décor not only stuff for my bedroom but stuff for the bathroom too. I know I’ll still be living in a college apartment and I’m not expecting it to be complete silence. However I expect it to be less noisy 24/7, the guys above us randomly lift weights at 1 am almost nightly at least that’s what my roommate and I think they’re doing. The girl next door and her friends can get pretty loud at inopportune times. Next year I’m anticipating the loudest noises to be coming from my roommates, who would be easier to approach if they get extremely loud than random strangers in the dorm.

I’ll probably make an updated post on this next year after I’ve actually lived in an apartment but for now these are my thoughts.



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