Pop of Color

Welcome to A Quirky Twist! Today is a special day in the world of A Quirky Twist, it’s my one year blog anniversary. I could be all cliché and say last year flew by, or I never thought I would reach this milestone. However, neither of those things are true I’m a pretty determined person and I knew when I set my goal of a post every Monday and Wednesday I could do it. Save for one week right after school started I accomplished that goal. Today I’m sharing 6 thoughts I have on my first year blogging during the year 2016.


  1. The ability to look back

It was reading over some of my blog posts from earlier this year that brought back memories I had forgotten about. Like walking a mile in the snow with my friends or staining my white pants with dirty snow. The excitement before the first Carolina vs. Duke game last year, and that Monday night in April that still hurts Carolina fans. These memories and my thoughts and feelings on them would definitely not be as prevalent today if I didn’t have my blog. Around the summertime last year I stopped writing about the more personal stuff in my life and focused solely on outfits. However I feel like that style of blog post isn’t as fun so I’ll be bringing back the mix of life and the outfits in blog posts to come.


2. Give Advice

I really enjoyed writing my college advice series last summer, because otherwise it would’ve just sat in my head not helping anyone. I remember before my freshman year I was constantly Googling, YouTube searching, and browsing Pinterest for what college life is about. I found a lot of blog posts and websites that were five to six years old, the YouTube videos were pretty updated however a lot of the time it took them a while to get to the point. For me I just wanted to find numerical or bullet style posts so I could skim to the parts I was most interested in. So I decided to create my College Advice series for the freshmen like me a post I would have wanted at their age.


3. Putting my shopping “addiction” to use

I’ve always liked buying clothes and shoes so I figured why not turn it into something fun. So this last year of blogging has been fun, and I’m now more likely to buy clothes I always wanted to wear before but thought too strange or out of the box. Having this blog has given me an opportunity to express my style in a way I never did before.


4. Holding myself accountable to time management

As I mentioned earlier I picked Monday and Wednesday as my two days to upload blog posts. So early last year every Monday and Wednesday after class I sat down wrote my post, edited pictures and uploaded it. After I realized there is a scheduling feature I wrote my posts on Sunday and Tuesday nights so they’d upload early while I was still asleep. I’m a pretty bad procrastinator, so having set days and times has really pushed me to keep myself on track.


5. Having a fun creative outlet to share

My motto for 2017 is “Live a Creative Life”, which I borrowed from a Hobby Lobby bag. I’ve always loved writing, and reading, and art so creating this blog has been a perfect outlet for me. This year I plan to share more DIY posts and baking posts this year. I’m really excited for this new year of blogging and all of the coming posts and series.


6. Thinking more about outfits before I buy them

Before I started this blog I used to buy clothing pieces without thinking about how they’d fit into my wardrobe. More often than not I had nothing to wear them with, and they went unworn. Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve been more conscious about the items I buy and what I can pair them with. As a result I now have more pieces that work multiple ways in my closet, and easily fit in. If you liked what you read definitely click the follow button so you can receive all of my new posts in your e-mail box.


Recreate This Look

Coat: Walmart-out of stock (similar style here)

Dress: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Old Navy

Necklace: Kay

Lipstick: Maybelline- 40 Berry Boost



4 thoughts on “Pop of Color

  1. I can totally agree with blogging as a means of wearing more unique pieces!! It gives you an excuse to wear them. I know for me, I’ve grown more comfortable wearing things I had shelved for a while because I want to show off something new! Great post and happy one year anniversary 😊


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