Sophomore Musings

Sophomore Musings #2

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I was definitely planning to write more posts in this college series, but as expected college got busier and I just didn’t have time to sit down and write out my thoughts. One thing I’ve never had a lot of is patience, I’m a very impatient individual and if I want to do something I want it to happen as quickly as possible. However, the majority of life doesn’t work that way but I’ll probably never be able to change I did however gain a new perspective on the idea of patience, this past semester.

So for next semester I’ll be living in an off campus apartment which I’m really excited about more on that in a post later. However, before I signed the lease for the complex I’m going to be living in next year, I was house hunting with my current suitemates in the dorm I live in. Originally there were seven of us, which I know sounds like a lot, and then it dropped to six because one girl was studying abroad. Finding housing for six people in Chapel Hill is still extremely hard, because even if a house has six bedrooms legally no more than four unrelated people can live there.

When given that example, it sounds a tad bit silly to me but it’s the law. Again, another of the girls dropped out and we were down to five, which is still hard to do in Chapel Hill. Five unrelated people can live in a five bedroom home, in the neighboring very very very small town of Carrboro, which is about a mile or so from campus. My suitemates wanted something cheaper and closer to campus, which is understandable.

At this point we were in a bigger rush to find housing because UNC had released on campus housing sign-ups and lots of other people were already signing their leases. Even still it was a hassle to try and find housing for five girls in Chapel Hill. So one day my suitemates came in and told me they’d found a four-bedroom house that they were looking at from before more people were added to the group and they were going ahead with that. Of course I was upset, I mean who wouldn’t be but I didn’t take it out on them they were cool people and still are.

So because I essentially had no one to live with next year I signed up for on campus housing, deciding to give the random roommate life a third chance. Well when the time to release housing selection time slots came around, I saw I had been listed as a freshman. Now I only got 29 credit hours last year instead of the 30 needed to be a sophomore, so technically yes I was a freshman. However, I was given a class registration day with all of the other sophomores, so I figured the housing problem would be an easy fix. Long story short it wasn’t, housing and the registrar’s office said they could do nothing, and I was left as a freshman.

When my housing pick time came around, as I expected none of the suite style dorms were available. Only a few hall style dorms were and most that were, were triples instead of doubles. After living suite style for two years I knew hall was not something I wanted to do. Now before this whole dorm housing fiasco, one of my friends in my Spanish class told me she was looking for a roommate. I told her I was about 95% sure I’d be living on campus next year. Turns out I was only 5% right after realizing the on-campus living situation I wanted wasn’t going to happen, I asked her if she needed a roommate and she did. In between not living with my suitemates next year and the struggle of off-campus housing was about a month and a half of surprisingly no housing stress for me.

Anyone who knows me knows I like plans, and lists, and schedules and having things go exactly the way I envisioned them. However for once in my life for that month and a half I wasn’t stressed out about my housing situation. I knew eventually I’d get housing somewhere so I sat back and patiently waited. Now with my lease approved it finally feels ok to tell this story. I still have to pay $200 to break my on-campus housing contract but other than that I’m glad I had patience for housing this semester, because in the end I got what was best for me.



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