Plaid and Suede

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! As I’ve said before since my blog is style based, meaning I like to incorporate different trends into my own established style sense, I often find myself using the word favorite. Today is no different I love wearing plaid in the fall and winter for me this pattern screams the holidays are here. I especially love flannels that feature red or burgundy, as it’s one of my favorite fall colors. Suede is a material that has gained a lot of popularity this season in not just clothing but accessories like hats and even shoes.

So I decided to give this trend a try and it was a great decision. Not only is the suede soft, an important factor in most of my clothing choices, but it keeps me really warm too. I couldn’t wait until it got cooler to wear this skirt, so I wore it on a 90 degree day a couple of weeks ago and it definitely added unwanted heat to my body temperature, making it perfect for fall. I thought my black lace-up booties paired well with this outfit giving the look an “edgy” vibe. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post!


Recreate This Look

Top: Marshall’s-in store only (similar style here)

Skirt: Marshall’s-in store only (black suede skirt here)

Shoes: Belk-out of stock (similar style here)

Phone Case: Kate Spade


PS The reason my phone is in my hand for all of these pictures was because I was too scared to put it in one of the perfectly functioning pockets thinking I’d drop it.


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