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College Advice: You Time


Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshmen! Today’s advice is on a topic that can often be overlooked or brushed off to the side as not important, but it is important, and that is you time. Making sure to have personal time is a great way to relax and regain your energy in the hustle and bustle of college. With that being said I have 4 tips for how to maximize your “you time” in college.


College can be a really fun time, but it can just as easily get stressful, especially when you feel you don’t have any space. More than likely you’ll be living in the dorm and surrounded by people 24/7. However even if you are a super outgoing person and love to spend time with others you still need your space. Especially if you and your roommate are really close and spend large amounts of time together you could quickly get annoyed with each other and that would cause your living situation to deteriorate. Even if your “you time” is as simple as going to the store to buy some snacks, that’s valuable time, you get to be alone with yourself and your thoughts.


Personally I never understood how people could eat alone in public before college, but now I do kind of. I still don’t understand people who eat alone in the “real world”, but I can understand why people do it in college. Typically when I eat alone I go to the dining hall during off hours, because almost everyone there is eating alone too. When eating alone you can catch up on your work so you have free time later on with friends. It’s also perfectly ok to eat alone during busy lunch hours if your friends are in class, or your have class while your friends go eat. Eating alone also let’s you get food from places your friends might not like to go often, and a fun way to productively have you time.


This is especially true if your room is the hangout spot, for your friends or your roommates’ friends. Your room is literally your home away from home, and most of you probably don’t share your bedroom at home and are used to it being your space. Well your dorm room is “your” space in college; I typically liked coming home right after class to just lounge in my room for an hour or two and relax before continuing on with my day. My room was not a hangout spot so if my roommate wasn’t there, I had it completely to myself. Having time to yourself in your dorm room is another way to boost your energy for hanging out with people later on. Even if the only thing you do in your room is watch videos without headphones on, or sing along to music, it’s good to do when your roommate isn’t there so you don’t feel like you’re annoying them.


Getting alone time is great and crucial to a healthy freshmen year, but don’t spend every minute by yourself. For most people college is your first time making big decisions for yourself and being completely in charge of yourself so don’t waste that opportunity by spending every single moment not in class alone. College is the perfect time to try out new things and meet new people without too many or too few responsibilities weighing you down. But it’s always good to remember to step back and take a breather if you feel yourself getting too stressed out or unhappy.

Those are all of the tips I have for you time in college, I hope this helps ease some of the future class of 2020’s worries about college. If you know anyone who will be going to college in the fall, share this post with them. And if you want to hear more about my college advice check back next Tuesday. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below!


PS In case you missed it you can find last week’s college advice post here!


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