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College Advice: Roommates


Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshmen! Today’s advice is on another highly searched topic amongst incoming college students and that is roommates. Whether you went random, were best friends, acquaintances, or met online, I have advice for you. Just remember every roommate relationship is different and yours might not be the same as your friends or neighbors. Again a disclaimer these are just suggestions I have on roommate relationships and not strict rules you need to follow. So with that I have 5 tips on roommates in college.


No, you don’t need to become best friends, or know every little thing about each other before meeting (it’s not bad if you do); however, you both need to figure out some of each other’s expectations before getting to campus. This way you both don’t show up with a fridge, microwave, printer, and full sized mirror. The summer is the perfect to time split up these heavy-duty items between each other so one person doesn’t spend more than the other. Or maybe you and your roommate don’t want to share; the summer is a great time to learn this so you can plan when would be a good time for you to buy these items.


It may seem like a lot of people are close with their roommate, but if you’re not that’s ok. If you can survive a few months in your dorm without any fights, and only minor problems that’s perfectly ok. Just because you’re not friends with your roommate doesn’t mean you’re allowed to antagonize them, you both just need to give each other a respectful amount of space. Also if you’re not friends with your roommate always ask before you bring people over, it’s common courtesy and it’ll help your relationship stay smooth.


So you and your roommate met and you both clicked and now you’re good friends, that’s awesome. However since you live together you will probably not want to be spending 24/7 together or you’ll more than likely get annoyed with each other. Make sure to spend time with other friends without each other. Also make an effort to give them some time alone in the room, in college sometimes it’s nice to be in your room alone because you’re surrounded by people pretty much 24/7. If you do develop a good relationship then you have a possible future roommate/housemate/apartment-mate.


Even if you and your roommate are the best of friends, it’s courtesy to ask before using their things, especially food and clothes. You and your roommate probably won’t grocery shop together, so don’t think it’s ok to just take their stuff (unless you do shop together then go for it). And just because they let you borrow or use something once it doesn’t mean it’s a pass for every time unless they explicitly say so. So just always ask to avoid awkward conversations or possibly even unnecessary fights.


I witnessed a set of roommates who were really close friends; completely stop talking to each other at the end of the year because they refused to discuss their problems. Try not to be these roommates, make sure to bring up any problems with a roommate politely and respectfully when you both have ample time to discuss it. If something small is repeatedly bothering you make sure you discuss it before the issue becomes bigger and turns into an argument. Also if a problem is seriously bothering you don’t discuss it with other friends especially mutual ones that could just put your friend in an awkward situation, or eventually get back to your roommate and turn into a full blown argument hurting multiple people. It’s always best to take complaints and problems straight to the source.

Those are all of the tips I have for roommates in college, I hope this helps ease some of the future class of 2020’s worries about college. If you know anyone who will be going to college in the fall, share this post with them. And if you want to hear more about my college advice check back next Tuesday. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below!


PS In case you missed it you can find last week’s college advice post here!


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