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May Favorites

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! The beginning of June means it’s time for another installment of my monthly favorites. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed this year as we’re already reaching the halfway mark. A new favorite of mine for the month of May was my college advice series and you can see all the posts here. So now I’ll move on into the rest of my favorites for the month of May.

My favorite blog post of May was Dressy Casual. I love to wear t-shirt dresses, and love the simplicity of the outfit that I was able to dress up by wearing booties.


My favorite blog picture of May came from my Summer Booties post. I really love how well the colors in my outfit and background work together to make a vibrant photo.


I have two favorite Instagram posts from May this one and this one. I really like how well the red Converse look with the white wall. A wooden swing is one of my favorite summer memories from my Grandma’s house when I was a kid so I love the way that photo turned out.



Finally my favorite songs from the month of May, I love “One Dance” by Drake, “Middle” by DJ Snake, and “Acquainted” by The Weeknd. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post!white_background_image


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