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College Advice: The Summer Before


Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshmen! This week’s post is about the summer before college, which for most people is roughly three months. The summer between graduation and college goes by extremely fast. So in today’s post I writing about 5 different ways to make the most of your last summer at home before college and the rest of life happens. Again a short disclaimer, these are just suggestions not rules I have so that you can make the most of your summer.


More than likely your college town will not have all of your favorite restaurants; or you will not have an easy way to get to them, if they’re not in close proximity to your campus. You will also find substitutes for your favorite places, but they probably won’t be the same. So, my suggestion is to eat at all of your favorite restaurants; otherwise you’ll spend an entire month craving food from a restaurant at home until you can go home on break. However, you will find new restaurants in college, that aren’t similar to ones you have in your hometown that you’ll grow to love. If you want to read more about food in college you can check out my post here.


A lot of colleges don’t allow freshmen to park on campus, and even if they do it might be difficult to get parking after upperclassmen get priority. Even if you do manage to get your car to school you won’t be using it nearly as much as you did in high school. 90% of your friends will live within a five to ten minute walking distance, and you’ll be more likely to have it delivered than driving to the restaurant. So even if you don’t need to go anywhere just drive around, go to stores with no intention of buying anything. You will definitely miss the freedom and the ability to get somewhere fast that driving gives you when school starts.


I’m not trying to say don’t try to have a fun summer, but don’t expect this summer to be extremely different because you graduated. Don’t force yourself to go out constantly or have people over constantly because you’re going to college and “might never see them again” (maybe you won’t that’s just life, but you’ll definitely see what they’re up to through social media). I’m just saying don’t expect this to be the best summer ever, because you’re going away to college at the end, you have a life time of summers for that. What I am saying is do what makes you happy, (even if it isn’t what social media makes you think is a great summer) this will be your last summer, before you go off to college and are making decisions completely on your own. So if laying on your couch and watching TV is your thing do it, same goes for playing video games until 3 am, or window shopping, or even walking your dog. Enjoy the time in your parents house while you can, the “real world” is only four short years away.


Make plans even if you’re only hanging out with them once a week, or every two weeks, or even once a month. The first month or so of college you’ll probably still talk all the time as you’re both navigating new environments together, and want to still experience the familiarity of home. Eventually after the first few months in school you won’t talk to them as often (that’s not to say you won’t talk at all), but you’ll be busy with your own lives especially if you go to different schools. Sometimes your school breaks won’t match, and it might be hard to get together the summer after freshmen year. So take this summer to hangout with your closest friends, because you have no idea what the future holds.


I’ll be making a more in depth post on family later on in this series, but you will not see or speak to them nearly as often as you do now. Also, make sure to hangout with your pets if you have them, because even though they recognize your voice they don’t understand phone calls the way your parents do. One bonus of going away to college is your pet (I’m thinking in terms of dogs and cats, mainly dogs since I have one) will be a million times more excited to see you when you come home from school, than they were when they saw you everyday.

Those are all of the tips I have for the summer before college, I hope this helps ease some of the future class of 2020’s worries about college. If you know anyone who will be going to college in the fall, share this post with them. And if you want to hear more about my college advice check back next Tuesday. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below!


PS In case you missed it you can find last week’s college advice post here!


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