Dressy Casual


Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I’ve always loved t-shirts I have more t-shirts in my closet than I do normal shirts. I’ve also always loved wearing dresses because they’re more comfortable than pants. So when the t-shirt dress style began to gain popularity a few years ago, I fell in love as it was combining my two favorite clothing styles. My favorite thing about the t-shirt dress is it’s versatility, it can be casual by wearing shoes like Converse or Vans or even sandals, and it can be dressed up with a cute pair of wedges or booties. I like the dress I’m wearing because the keyhole in the middle gives the dress a little extra flair. I also love how the dress is a tank-top version of the more prevalent short sleeve t-shirt dress. I paired my dress with these booties to dress it up more, and kept my accessories to a minimum to draw attention to the booties. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post! Also if you missed my college advice post yesterday you can find it here, and make sure to share with an upcoming college freshman!



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