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College Advice: Time Management


Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist’s college advice for freshmen! This week’s post is about time management, which trust me will be something very difficult for an incoming freshmen to handle. The first month and a half of getting acclimated to college will be the best time to develop good time management skills, as it will be harder later on during midterms and finals. Again as stated in my previous college advice post these are just suggestions and not rules that you have to follow. So with that I have 5 suggestions on how to handle time management.


No, not literally every club/organization your school offers, but do sign up for the ones that interest you. Honestly you probably won’t go to half of those clubs first meetings and will only consistently show up to the meetings of two or three. This however will be a good thing as the clubs will set meeting times every week or every other week, and you will be able to plan your day around them. For instance say you have a club that always meets on Wednesdays at 7, you will know that on Wednesdays you should eat an early dinner (unless the club feeds you) and unless you’re a night owl you will more than likely want to get your work done before 7. Also clubs are generally a great way to meet people and make a large campus smaller.


This is mainly a suggestion for those who had one in high school and are used to balancing school and work. Although anyone who wants some extra money in their pocket should consider this tip. If you are interested I suggest getting a job on campus, as the hours will tend to be more reasonable and flexible than an off-campus job. A job is a great way to develop good time management skills, especially if you have a set schedule every week. You will know your schedule way ahead of time and can plan your life accordingly. Having a job with consistent hours will help you learn when the best time for you to do laundry is or when you will have ample amount of time to work on papers and projects. Having a job is another social environment that can help you make new friends/acquaintances.


During the beginning of college with all of the new friendships it’s easy to say yes to all of the things your friends want you to do. However if your friends want you to hangout at 11pm and you have an 8am midterm the next day, you should probably say no. That being said it is college and sometimes you will say yes to that 11 o’clock ice cream run, even though you have an 8am the next day. One of the best ways to develop good time management skills is to make a mistake and learn from it. There is no better feeling in college than waking up prepared and well rested for an early class, besides the ice cream or party (depending on what type of person you are) will still happen throughout the rest of the semester. Saying no to one event will not kill your social life, and you’ll probably forget about said event by the end of the semester.


If you promise someone to meet them somewhere at a certain time and you don’t show up, not only are you being a bad friend by you’re exercising bad time management skills. No one wants to be the friend of the person who is always late and sometimes doesn’t even show up. Eventually you will be invited out less, and possibly lose your friends completely. My tip is to give yourself constant reminders put them on your phone, laptop, sticky notes, even write it on your white board if you have one. Also, if you happen to be meeting early in the morning set plenty of alarms so you don’t sleep through your meeting time. Remember no one wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t honor their commitments.


I will be doing a more in depth post about this topic later on in this series, so for now here is a quick overview. With everything new you’ll be involved in when college starts, it’s easy to forget to make time for yourself. I suggest aiming for at least an hour a day where you’re completely relaxed and not focused on studying or anything else stressful. This is great for time management because you’ll be able to plan out your day or week in a calming relaxed setting.

Those are all of the tips I have for time management in college, I hope this helps ease some of the future class of 2020’s worries about college. If you know anyone who will be going to college in the fall, share this post with them. And if you want to hear more about my college advice check back next Tuesday. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below!white_background_image

PS In case you missed it you can find last week’s college advice post here!



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