Gold Accents

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I still like to think of today as the first day of spring instead of the 20th. Mainly because today is my mom’s birthday, and I always liked saying she was born on the first day of spring when I was younger. And I mean who gets to decide to move the first day of a season anyways, so I’ll keep thinking of the 21st as the first day of spring. Today was the Monday after spring break, and I was definitely not ready to leave vacation mode. Anyways I guess I’ll move on into today’s outfit.







I decided to post this outfit today because it’s a dark reddish color and red is my mom’s favorite color, so I chose this in honor of her birthday. It’s no secret I love t-shirt dresses as I’ve posted about them in this post and this one. What I like about this dress however is that it’s a slight step outside my “comfort zone”. The two reasons for that are: I don’t typically wear a lot of red, and this dress is from American Eagle (a brand I thought I wouldn’t wear again after middle school). I love this dress because just like most t-shirt dresses it’s super soft, flowy, and comfortable. Sadly however because of the cold weather I wasn’t able to wear the sandals pictured. I switched out my sandals for the booties in this post and added the jacket from this post. The nail polish I’m wearing is from Essie in the shade “stones n’ roses”. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Wednesday for a new post!



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