Lacy Details

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I hope everyone else wasn’t as confused about the time change yesterday as I was. However, with this week being my spring break I’ll probably adjust to the time before classes start back. Also I’m very proud of my Heels this weekend: they won the ACC championship and are a #1 seed for the NCAA tournament, as always it was a GDTBATH. Anyways I’m going to move on into the outfit for today’s post.







So when I was planning my outfit posts for spring, I thought it would still be in the low 60s at this time. Apparently, I thought wrong as today it was in the upper 70s. However, I still think you can wear this outfit on a date night or on a girl’s night out, when the temperature is slightly cooler. I bought this shirt from Forever21, sometime last month and it’s super cute. I love how the lace details and the bell sleeves work well together. I like how the white jeans brighten up the royal blue color of the shirt. I got my wedges from Target last summer and they’re incredibly comfortable. Also I’ve been too lazy to straighten my hair these past two weeks, so this is my hair in its un-straightened natural state. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Wednesday for a new post!



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