Fall in Winter

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! Tonight is one of the biggest college basketball game nights of the year: Carolina vs Duke. I’m obviously cheering for Carolina, my school, even if I didn’t get tickets but I still have three more years to win. Today’s outfit was inspired by the fall like temperature of the day as evident in the title. North Carolina allows you to experience all the seasons in one week: we had an icy, cold Monday, a mild sunny 50 degree Wednesday, and a projected high of 70 degrees on Saturday. Anyways I guess I’ll move on into today’s outfit.





I bought this shirt from Forever21 in September and it quickly became one of my favorite fall shirts it’s really loose fitting, soft and comfortable. The burnt orange color of the shirt reminds me of the leaves in the fall. I think the shirt works perfectly with the khaki color of the jacket to make this a good fall inspired outfit. This outfit is the perfect amount of dressy casual for a day full of classes. Of course I also had to pair this outfit with my favorite pair of boots. I do plan on changing into Carolina blue for the game later tonight. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post!



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