Winter White

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! As I mentioned in Monday’s post snow days are fun, until the snow starts to melt. Melted snow (essentially large puddles of water that seem more shallow than they really are) and white jeans don’t mix. I guess they had it right back in the day when no one dare to wear white during winter. However, I still like how white jeans look in the winter they can brighten up an entire outfit. I know this post is titled Winter White, but I’m really just wearing the same white jeans I wear in spring, summer, and fall. Anyways I’ll move on to today’s post.





The white jeans I’m wearing are so comfortable and one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They’re ankle length and perfect to wear with booties, since they stop at the same place I typically roll my other jeans up to. I’m wearing a navy blue t-shirt from JCrew and its incredibly soft and really good quality for a basic top. The cardigan and jeans I’m wearing are vying for the part of my favorite piece of this outfit. I have to say though, that the cardigan might win it literally feels like as if I’m wearing a blanket. There’s no need to add another layer if the temperature is in the upper 40s and the 50s it’s that warm. Also, if you’re curious about my booties you can read about them in this post. Thanks so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post!



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