Love for Your State

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I’ve heard a rumor that North Carolina might see snow on Friday I hope this is true and that it’ll stick. As my fellow North Carolinians know the state pretty much shuts down during snow, which means no class and an extra long weekend. Speaking about North Carolina brings me to today’s post. The UNC men’s basketball team plays Wake Forest tonight, I unfortunately won’t be watching the game in person because I didn’t win tickets in the lottery. There is however an upside to having a nationally ranked team at your school, all the games are broadcast on cable TV. I guess that’s enough about sports and I’ll move on to the fashion.




I’m wearing a t-shirt from probably my favorite brand ever Lauren James. I discovered this company in 2013, but didn’t buy anything until the end of 2014 since the company was so new. Ever since my first shirt I’ve been hooked, I even bought my high school graduation dress from them. The shirt I’m wearing is from their Lovely State line and incredibly soft as most of their t-shirts are. I got the name for this post from the name of their line, but depending on your state and school you could also be showing love for both, as I am. In the pictures I’m wearing probably my favorite pair of solid colored Vans; however, when I got up for class today it was 27 degrees out and I opted to wear my Uggs. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday afternoon for a new post!

PS I thought the background was fitting for this post even though it’s not exactly Carolina blue.




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