Sweater Weather

Hi and welcome to A Quirky Twist! I hope I’m not the only one who wishes we could go back to the 70-degree weather we had in December. However, since the likelihood of that happening is next to zero I bring you today’s post. Whenever I think about outfits for the winter months that don’t include sweatshirts I think of sweaters, which is the next best thing, in my opinion. Sweaters can make your outfit seem more put together even though they’re typically just as soft and comfortable as sweatshirts but they don’t seem as lazy.




The yellow sweater I’m wearing is from Charlotte Russe (yes it’s listed as yellow even though it looks more orange in person) is very comfortable but also very thin. The stitching of the sweater reminds me of knitting with miniscule holes everywhere, so I wore something similar to this jacket over top to keep me warm while I walked around campus. I’m wearing the same jeans I wore in this post, because as I mentioned there they are incredibly comfortable. I got these ankle booties from Belk early last fall and they are probably my favorite boots that I currently own. I tried to find the name of my watch but it’s no longer on the website as I bought it about two years ago. My nail polish is one of my favorite colors for fall/winter burgundy/dark red the polish is from Essie in the color “Bahama Mama”. Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to leave a comment below and check back Monday for a new post!



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