20 at 20

So I made one of these for when I turned 19 here, and as you can see I didn’t accomplish much so I’m hoping this year’s list is slightly more attainable. This page is a list of 20 things I hope/wish/want/think could happen in the next 365 days of me being 20. I will strike out the things on my list as I accomplish them, as well as list the date that I accomplished them on. Some of the things on my list are private but most of them are public, and with that here is my list:

1. Private  (9/29/17)

2. Run a mile

3. Get into the MJ School (1/10/18)

4. Volunteer  (Splash UNC Chapel Hill, NC 11/11/17)

5. Go hiking  (Pilot Mountain, NC 10/14/17)

6. Go to a new state

7. Save $500

8. Go to a concert

9. Go see a movie in theaters

10. Take a road trip  (Salamanca, Spain 3/2/18-3/4/18)

11. Improve my Spanish skills 

12. Get an internship

13. Drive on a four lane highway/interstate (Raleigh, NC 8/18/17)

14. Go 24 hours without using my phone

15. Private

16. Take a weekend trip  (San Sebastian, Spain 1/19/18-1/21/18)

17. Go to another state’s state fair

18. Private

19. Surprise someone

20. Learn how to tread water