19 at 19

This page is a list of 19 things I hope/wish/want/think could happen in the next 365 days of me being 19. I will strike out the things on my list as I accomplish them, as well as list the date that I accomplished them on. Some of the things on my list are private but most of them are public, and with that here is my list:

1. Private 

2. Travel to a new state

3. Save $500

4. Get an A in a class  (English 12/13/16)

5. Get into the Media and Journalism School

6. Learn how to tread water

7. Private

8. Drive on a four lane highway

9. Get my ears pierced (again)

10. Take at least 20 Polaroid pictures

11. Learn how to do makeup

12. Go to an amusement park  (Myrtle Beach, SC Family Kingdom 7/2/16)

13. Volunteer

14. Improve my Spanish skills

15. Paint 5 projects

16. Private

17. Go see a movie in theaters

18. Go to a concert

19. Take a train